House Bear Brewing makes mead and your future favorite brew!


Mead, if you are not familiar with it, is a beverage made by fermenting the sugars in honey. It is unlike beer, which is made by fermenting the sugars in grains, or wine which is made by fermenting the sugars in grapes. It's the world's oldest alcoholic beverage. It can be flat, petillant, or bubbly. It can be sweet, dry or somewhere in between. It can be made simply with honey, water and yeast, or it can be complex, made with a wide variety of ingredients such as fruits, herbs, spices, or even chocolate. When you ferment honey there is nothing you can't brew!

Because honey is such a versatile medium for fermentation, we, at House Bear Brewing tend to produce meads that are adapted from some of our favorite non-alcoholic drinks. We make meads that are inspired by lemonades, iced teas and raspberry-lime rickeys. If you are new to mead we suggest starting with one of these meads and then moving on to some of our more diverse meads like Demonic Presents which blends chocolate, hot peppers and honey into an exotic and decadent beverage!

House Bear Brewing:

House Bear Brewing is passionate about what we do. We explore interesting flavors wherever we find them, in our gardens, in our kitchens and in our brewery. This means that the meads we create are out of this world.

As homebrewers our emphasis was on the taste of the meads we brewed. When we decided to take our brewing to the next level we began to think about our long term vision and the sourcing of our ingredients. We get our honey from responsible apiaries and source our ingredients locally whenever we can.

At House Bear Brewing we are off-beat and whimsical people with a wide palette for fantastic flavors. You can expect that our brews will have unusual and tasty flavor combinations, punny names, and labels that resemble the things we hold dear like monster movie posters, b-movies or cartoons.

We became fully licensed in December 2013. We look forward to creating your future favorite brew. We love what we do. We love what we brew. We hope you will too!

Thank You!

No one succeeds alone. We are tremendously grateful for the help, advice, and guidance we have received along the way, from brewers to business mentors, to professors, to those who enjoy our mead and those who would like to.